Project 1: Visualizing Your Experience

I used my laptop for this project work. Which helps me from the day 1 of Amal fellowship. Even I thought some days before I never join this beneficial fellowship if I don’t have my laptop. From the starting I felt very energetic for this Fellowship.💻

The first bad thing happened with me. I didn’t knew how to turn in project work. And when the time was about to finished. Sir texted in our official group; Farwa, you were not submitted your project work on time. It was mine mistake. I felt so bad at that time. But our instructors was very cooperative. They both helped us in every manners. ❤

I was at my khala’s place and there everyone told to me what type of things you are going to start or even they used to call me “Amal Baji”. It was very well to me. If my laptop was not supported me to take start of this journey I never take enjoyment of learning in such a way that Amal gives us.

I learnt how to manage work on time? I learnt about different feature of laptop and the available apps of Google like about Docs, Drive.

Here some beautiful pictures of my amazing laptop. 🎗



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